By: Courtney Murphy

I’ll be honest…I’m not a shopper. Somehow, that gene skipped a generation. My mom? Now, she is a shopper. My children? Money literally burns a hole in their pockets. And then, they want to go buy new shorts with new pockets. But, me? I get heartburn over a trip to the gas station. I like deposits better than checks. It is just who I am. I have accepted it.

However. When I step into Off ‘N Running Sports, I get this weird itch. One that is not familiar to me. I look straight ahead and I see shiny, new running shoes. I get a little excited. Then, I look to one side and see a metal tree growing so many flavored GU’s, I am fairly certain I could grocery shop from the tree. I look to the other side, which offers running clothes that are so cute, I believe I can continue to wear them all around town and look cute no matter how smelly I may be from a run (this is probably not true – I am absolutely disgusting after a run, but I will go on believing). And don’t even talk to me about the “sale” signs.

Yes, it is a runner’s heaven. An oasis of running gear for any runner: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Not only do they have some awesome gear, they have an amazing staff who can analyze your gait, your foot strike and your pronation. If you have no idea what I am talking about, just go see them. You don’t have to know what I’m talking about. They will perform an analysis and fit you into the perfect shoe.

They also offer community runs.

I will admit it. I’d like to work there.

But, it may be better that I don’t. I would probably do as much shopping as selling if I were there every day.

When you shop at Off ‘N Running, you can rest assured that you are shopping local. This is a big deal for me too. I love supporting local business whenever it’s possible. I think Greensboro and High Point are quite lucky to have such an establish to meet our running needs. They have recently partnered with Fleet Feet Sports to make Off ‘N Running an even more comprehensive running store.

I asked the owner, John Dewey, a few questions regarding the K5K.

CM: What motivated you to open Off ‘N Running back in 2003?

JD: We saw the need to bring the running community together and we love the sport.

CM: How did you get involved with K5K and BPB?

JD: We originally got involved with the K5K when Robin Britt was the chair. We wanted to support a great neighborhood event.

CM: Do you, your family members or employees plan to run in the K5K this year?

JD: I think several of our employees will run this year. My son, Matthew, ran the race last year. Hopefully, he can beat his time and I can keep up with him.

I know one thing that cannot be beat: the exceptional services provided by Off ‘N Running to runners of all levels. So, run on over there today and let John and his team outfit all of your running needs. I’ll probably see you there.

AuthorNathan Daughtrey