By: Courtney Murphy

I try to replace my running shoes every 400 – 500 miles. Granted, I probably push the envelope here a bit and you should follow the example of most other runners and change your shoes every 250 – 400 miles. Regardless of which end of the spectrum your shoe trade out rests on, runners will agree that replacing your worn out shoes helps prevent injuries and keeps those legs at their optimum performance level.

Your tires and car deserve the same attention.

In the summer time, the beach waves summon us from couple of hours east. The cooler temperatures beckon from a couple of hours west. Your car has been overworked with vacations, day trips, family reunions and road trips. It is begging you for some attention at this point in the summer.

Baity’s Tire, located on Merritt Drive in Greensboro, has been locally owned and operated since 1953 and provides quality tires and services at reasonable prices. Baity’s Tire is committed to delivering the best customer service in town as well as the most affordable prices, which is why they are such a mainstay for Triad customers.

Baity’s Tire is also committed to supporting the local community. They are back as a 2014 K5K sponsor. Tripp Barksdale told me, “I was drawn to K5K because I used to live in Kirkwood and really wanted to support the area I lived in.  It made it an even better thing to be a part of BackPack Beginnings, because it's such a great organization and it really helps our community.

With just a couple of weeks of summer left you may have one last road trip planned this year. Be sure to drive on over to Baity’s Tires first and pay your car and tires some attention. They will ensure your car is road worthy and ready for fun, with a friendly, experienced staff committed to you. 

AuthorNathan Daughtrey