By: Courtney Murphy

As a parent in a world where children are accustomed to instant gratification, technology and luxury goods, I am constantly looking for safe, teachable ways for them to help others and to appreciate the little things that they do have instead of complaining about what they do NOT have.


BackPack Beginnings has a very tangible way to do this. I, personally, have already decided to volunteer to take my two oldest school age children with me to stuff some backpacks this fall. But, if you don’t have time to stuff backpacks (or you are looking for a double whammy to make an impact), encourage your child to donate some old shoes to the BackPack Begninnings’ shoe drive. Simply bring your old shoes to the race and drop them in the shoe drive box before heading to the starting line. Gently used shoes will go directly to the BPB clothing pantry to supply to the children of our community. Or, if you have children who literally run holes into their shoes as mine do (within a matter of minutes, it seems), then the shoes will be given to Funds2Org, an organization that will purchase worn out shoes to give to third world countries. 100% of these proceeds will in turn be used to purchase appropriate clothing for the clothing pantry.

It is not only a way for the children to get involved, because they are accepting adult shoes as well. Help us keep shoes out of the landfills by donating them to BackPack Beginnings.

Simple. Tangible. Teachable. A great opportunity for our children…and us…to give back to our community.

See you on race day.   

AuthorNathan Daughtrey