By: Courtney Murphy

The Scott/Wagner Group of Morgan Stanley is not your typical investment firm. They manage the funds of a select number of clients, developing an intimate relationship with each one. They believe that clients are not “just a number” in a game of numbers. They want to know your goals, your legacy and the unique matters that are important to you. This enables their ability serve as a very personal advocate of your assets. I asked Chris Wagner a few questions about the business and their involvement with K5K and BackPack Beginnings.

CM: There are a lot of investment firms in Greensboro.  Tell me what sets Morgan Stanley apart from the "other firms".

CW: The Scott | Wagner Group is a “firm within the firm”, which allows us to run a much more private practice, and remain focused towards a select group of families and professionals. The team members each have their own areas of expertise, which allows for a unique and tailored client experience. Together, all of us have roots in the investment industry dating back over 40 years…most of which has been here in Greensboro.

CM:  Tell me about what drew Morgan Stanley to support K5K and BPB.

CW: Both Partners in the practice, myself and J. Scott, have called Kirkwood home…myself the most recent, having moved to the neighborhood just over a year ago. All of us are very active in the community, and feel that BPB is a great cause that we have to become involved with; there is no reason that any child should go hungry, ever. Being residents of such a great community, we see the K5K as being a great outlet by which all of us can get together and show our support.

CM: Have you or any of your team members participated in the race before?  What is your favorite part of the race? 

CW: Not yet! But I am signed up for this year, and look forward to it!

Chris, we look forward to seeing YOU there and appreciate the support from the Morgan Stanley team.  

AuthorNathan Daughtrey