By: Courtney Murphy

I should issue the disclaimer that I have a secret dream of being a farmer. However, I am a born and bred city girl, so I have no idea of how to actually farm, which could be a potential problem in the whole sustainability thing. So, until I can make this dream a reality, I will live vicariously through David Couch, the owner of Summerfield Farms.

I could take several angles with this article…

I could talk all day long about the perfect and casually elegant venues to hold events like weddings, Christmas parties and other celebrations. The handsome barns, original to the property and restored to their natural beauty with absolute care and preciseness, simply make you long for a reason to throw a party, just to bask in their beauty. My problem would be choosing which one of the barns to use.

I could talk about the Field Trips that they are working on for this coming year in order to teach school-age children about healthy, holistic eating and farming. I could tell you about the speaker series that they host in order to educate the community about sustainable farming and raising cattle, chickens and produce in the utmost organic and natural way.

However, what I have decided to share with you is the food. Oh, the food. Have you heard of happy cows? The cows at Summerfield Farms are not just happy. They are exultant. They are dancing around the farm, their grass-fed bodies ecstatic and blissful. I heard the words “beyond organic” several times at the Farm. The cows at Summerfield Farms do not eat grain. Ever. Only grass. They roam the pastures at their leisure. The chickens, whom the boys and I had the pleasure of surveying, are the same way. The produce is grown naturally in the gardens towards the front of the property…it is in the process of earning its organic certification.

We stopped by the quaint market at the front of the property at the end of our visit. We found refrigerators stocked with the bounty of meats from the cows, freshly laid eggs and produce grown at the Farm as well as very selectively sourced other meats and products.

I went a little crazy in the market. I could not quite help myself…ground beef, produce, sourced milk and ice cream and pork from similar minded organic farms.

And, then, as I was getting ready to check out…my eyes spotted the filet. I grabbed it and threw it on the counter quicker than the calculator in the mind could say, “Whoa, nelly”.

The night after I visited the Farm, I waited until the boys were snuggly tucked in their beds and treated myself to a true Summerfield Farms meal. I grilled my grass-fed filet to a medium rare perfection with nothing more than a little olive oil, salt and pepper. I added the fresh-picked squash to the grill with some onions and garlic. I threw a potato in the oven and I sliced a homegrown tomato on my plate as my summer salad and sprinkled some kosher salt on its red ripe color.

The filet melted in my mouth with the exactness of a velvety butter. The squash was crisp. The tomatoes, juicy and sweet.

I polished off every perfect bite of food. And then, I had a big bowl of creamy vanilla ice cream that I purchased from the market, carefully selected from Wholesale Creamery. I do not usually indulge in dessert. This was worth the exception. My meal was so satisfying that I debated eating anything the next day to avoid disappointment with whatever I placed in my mouth. But, then again….I had purchased fresh eggs, bacon and blueberries from the Farm for breakfast.

And I certainly would not want to miss that.

Summerfield Farms is committed to providing the community with healthy and naturally produced food. Their connection with BackPack Beginnings and the Kirkwood 5K makes a lot of sense.

Lauren Stigall, the Marketing Coordinator at Summerfield Farms told me, “We are passionate about providing local, clean, nutrient-dense foods to the community and BackPack Beginnings mission of providing nutritious food to children in need deeply resonates with us.”

Go visit the Farm today. Support local agriculture…especially one that is so fully committed to raising food in the healthiest way possible If you can’t make it to the Farm, check out their website for a list of places where you can purchase their clean, nutrient-rich…and don’t forget, delicious…foods today. 

AuthorNathan Daughtrey