By: Courtney Murphy

The mission of Cellular Sales is to provide a simple and unrelenting focus on customer service. They obviously take this mission very seriously, as every online review of their business offers highly positive feedback. Likewise, in my conversations around town, Cellular Sales always comes well recommended as a competent place for Verizon customers to get the latest trends in tablets and phones. Or, you can simply stop by and make adjustments to your plan or pay your bill. And let’s just say that your phone…oh, I don’t know…goes for a swim…or gets used as a baseball (NONE of these have ever happened to me), go check out their repair department. They may be able to save your current phone (and the money in your pocket).

I asked Don White what sets Cellular Sales apart from other Verizon stores. “Our goal is to connect with our guests and figure out what they need so they are pleased with their purchase for years rather than months.   Since the wireless industry is changing so quickly, we find it best to have one sales representative own the wireless experience of their customers.  People need a wireless advocate making sure they get the right products on the right plans not just the special of the month.  Each of our customers gets the personal wireless number of their salesperson programmed in their phone so if they have any questions, issues, additional needs, or friends they want to refer,  they have one person to call, day or night, rather than dialing an 800- number.  We also have a full service repair department at our main office on Westover Terrace that handles mishaps like broken screens and other issues should they arise.”

Not only is Cellular Sales focused on customer service but also on giving back to their community. K5K is pleased to announce that they are a generous returning sponsor of our event this year.

Don explained, “Parker who is a family friend made us aware of the program and we were immediately interested because we really like what BackPack Beginnings is all about.”

Cellular Sales is conveniently located near Kirkwood on Westover Terrace. So, go buy a phone! Upgrade your tablet! Fix your current phone! Add minutes, data or someone to your family plan! You can do it all at Cellular Sales.

AuthorNathan Daughtrey