By: Courtney Murphy

Photographs mean different things to different people. And the art of taking photographs has evolved over time with newer and better technology. But despite the evolution of photography and the varying art of photographs, one things remains constant. A photograph, especially a good one, is more than just a picture. It is a way to capture a moment…a memory…a feeling. It is a way – the only way – to freeze time in a world moving in a fast forward motion.

As a parent, I appreciate this sentiment even more. While I feel like it was merely months ago that I was 28 years old and full of the anticipation and excitement of having my first child, reality tells me that my first baby is now a rising 3rd grader who is just a few short years from being taller than me. I now have three more little buddies that keep me company while growing at a steady and very quick pace. Photographs give me the opportunity to relive the moments of their infancy, their milestone moments and their progression as people. I treasure these photographs as compliments to my memories.

There are plenty of photographers to choose from to capture your life. However, Janet Howard is a rare and special find. First, Janet has children of her own. She understands that to depict the moments of their childhood does not necessarily mean perfectly posed pictures. She brings her camera, lets you live and captures the moments quickly and painlessly. These effortless photographs result in beautiful frozen moments in time.

If you received my Christmas card last year, you received an example of Janet’s work. It was late afternoon…far too close to the witching hour for Christmas card pictures….the kids were dirty, grumpy and one of them was actually in pajamas. Janet stopped by with her camera, eased herself into a good place to capture the perfect light of the setting sun and snapped her shutter a few times. Voila! Christmas card and one of my favorite frozen moments of 2013.

Janet has graciously agreed to donate her time to capture the moments of the 2014 K5K. I asked Janet what drew her to be a part of the K5K. “I work with children every day that have nothing or that live in sad and scary situations. This is a nice way for me to give back on my own time to a wonderful cause.”

I, personally, cannot wait to see the frozen moments that Janet will give us of our children giving their heart in race so near and dear to OUR hearts.

AuthorNathan Daughtrey