By: Courtney Murphy

Did you know that Mountain Valley Spring Water, bottled at the original spring source outside of Hot Springs, AR since 1871, is the oldest continuously bottled water company in the United States?

Mountain Valley Spring Water Logo.jpg

You can find it at most natural food stores like Whole Foods and Deep Roots Market….and the Kirkwood 5K. My boys know it for its green bottling. They think it is funny because they pretend they are drinking Mountain Dew (which absolutely is NOT allowed in my house…I would be certifiably crazy to add caffeine to the mix of four little boys whom already have enough energy to power my entire neighborhood). In reality, they are drinking spring water, which contains naturally occurring minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Mama wins this one!

Mountain Valley Spring Water was started by Peter E. Greene, a pharmacist, and his brother, John Greene, and was hailed as a cure all for dyspepsia, dropsy, Bright’s Disease and liver and kidney ailments. It is still prescribed to people with chemical sensitivities.

If you want the crisp, natural and deliciously refreshing spring water from the convenience of your home, Mountain Valley Spring Water still offers 2.5 and 5-gallon returnable glass bottles, which can be delivered directly to your front door. That class of service is unsurpassed today.

K5K is glad to be hydrated by Mountain Valley Spring Water again this year. I spoke to Collins Pugh, the Director of Marketing for Mountain Valley Spring Water, about their continued support of K5K and BPB.

“I live in Kirkwood and have helped deliver food for BackPack Beginnings. We are proud to be involved with an organization which truly helps the children with their community.”

The feeling is mutual…K5K is proud to be supported by a quality water company who has repeatedly been named the best-tasting spring water in the world. Drink it up, runners.  

AuthorNathan Daughtrey