By: Courtney Murphy

As a runner myself, I also know a lot of runners. Something draws us to each other like a moth to a light. Perhaps it’s the fact that running helps you lose your conversational filter, making it easy to become quick friends.

Among the runners that I know are some great runners. But if you asked me to tell you the name of the strongest runner I know? I would not have a moment’s hesitation in my answer. For this runner is set so far apart from all of the other runners, to give another name would be blasphemy.

This runner has an impressive running history that started in 1978. He has crossed hundreds of finish lines and could probably outfit a small army with his race t-shirts. His office is adorned by medals and certificates, race pictures and age group awards. When you mention running, his face lights up like a kid on Christmas morning.

However, his remarkable resume is not why he tops my list of strongest runners. This runner has faced some adversity in his life. Not one instance of adversity. Several instances. Challenges and obstacles that would have most people cowering in a corner. He has also had some serious injuries. Not one injury. Several injuries. This runner has not cowered in the corner. He has continued to run through the adversity. Ticking off the challenges like finish lines. Racing and staying strong and always with a smile. He is the embodiment of the guy that Tom Petty sings about in “Stand My Ground”.

Among the traits listed for mentally tough runners are resilience, focus, strength, preparedness, vision, openness and trust. It would be an understatement to say that Steve Loflin is a mentally tough runner. He is a mentally tough person who possesses every one of these traits.

Interestingly, after years of teaching and coaching, Steve delved into the financial planning business in 1980. These mentally tough runner traits are the same traits that make good financial planners successful.

The K5K is proud to have Loflin Financial back as one of their sponsors this year. Steve’s daughter, Evan Logan, is one of the race directors and a strong runner herself. It’s no surprise that Steve and Loflin Financial continue to support this community race.

Despite breaking his hip for the second time back in April, I would be shocked if Steve isn’t participating in the race again this year. Giving 110%. Pushing ahead. Breaking through finish lines regardless of pain.

As he has always done.

Smiling the entire way.

AuthorNathan Daughtrey