By: Courtney Murphy

The Fresh Market was founded in March of 1982. I can’t say that I remember their grand opening or that I understood the unique concept that the Berry family was embarking on right in our hometown…I was only 4. I do, however, remember visiting The Fresh Market as a child. I say ‘visiting’ because ‘shopping’ is too mundane of a word to use for The Fresh Market. I understood, even as a child, that going to The Fresh Market was not like shopping at the big box grocer. It was a special treat.


I distinctly remember glass doors that slowly slid open like in other grocery stores but these doors seemed smaller. I remember walking into a building that felt cozy with its warm lighting and scent of spices that I could never quite put my finger on, but I always thought smelled fresh and delicious. I remember hearing the classical music playing softly over the speakers, making me want to ballet dance my way through the fresh apples and grapes. I remember the tiny little paper coffee cups attached to pull out butterfly handles that my parents would let me carefully fill with hot tea. I remember feeling grown up, walking around the delectable store, with my hot tea in hand. Side note: I also remember my brother and I “accidentally” running our little shopping cart into a towered display of wine bottles and causing quite a disruption (and mess) to the calm nature of the store. I have a fear that karma will get me back on this one on one of my many shopping trips with my four boys…don’t worry TFM, I will try to ensure that it happens at one of those “other stores”.

Anyone who grew up in Greensboro remembers going to The Fresh Market as a kid. As a girl who values tradition and memories, I love the fact that when I go to The Fresh Market now, despite staying “updated”, it always holds that same warm, cozy and gourmet feel that it did 30 years ago. In addition, with their steady growth, The Fresh Market has become a recognizable name to people all over the country.

The Fresh Market is back as one of the corporate sponsors of the K5K. I asked Shelia Bennett with Community Relations & Marketing why they chose to support BackPack Beginning and the K5K. She responded, “The Fresh Market was looking for a corporate service project and in our research learned about Parker White and BackPack Beginnings. We thought the program was great and wanted to help. Then, TFM was approached about a food donation to the Kirkwood 5K and was thrilled to learn that all proceeds from the K5K benefit BackPack Beginnings. It was a natural fit for TFM to support the Kirkwood neighborhood association with this mutually supported charitable cause.”

The runners of the K5K are a lucky bunch. Not only are they participating in the most fun race in Greensboro, but they will also receive delicious food at the end, provided by The Fresh Market. Think baskets spilling over with gourmet bagels with cream cheese, delicious fruit, like bananas and Clementines, and freshly baked breads. In addition, all participants will receive a handy TFM reusable bag AND if you are one of the lucky race winners? You will receive a gourmet gift basket, full of all kinds of treat. Sounds like motivation to me.

After all, who can really resist a little sweaty exercise with friends followed up by some gourmet treats provided by The Fresh Market at Kirkwood Park? Sounds like the perfect morning.

AuthorNathan Daughtrey