By: Courtney Murphy

When you roll through Kirkwood on race day, chances are that yards will be littered with lawn chairs full of spectators with young children cheering on racers or participating in their own yard races. If you drive through Kirkwood on any other day or night, chances are that yards will be littered with children playing and with impromptu neighborhood gatherings. The outdoor living space of the Kirkwood neighborhood is just one reason why we all love it so much.

After spending every summer of my entire life in the south, I have learned that there are only two things that can ruin your good time outside: mosquitoes and mugginess.

I can’t help too much with the mugginess so thank goodness there is an easy solution to the mosquitoes. Mosquito Squad of the Triad has been racing against and beating this malice to outdoor summer fun for years now. They are seasoned professionals and they are probably already spraying your neighbor’s backyard. If you haven’t called them yet, give them a ring. They can give you a free estimate over the phone based on your approximate yard size and scheduling is prompt and easy. Be sure to ask about the season packages. The spray lasts for about three weeks and the packages offer you a huge savings while covering your yard for the whole mosquito season.

Mosquito Squad not only cares about helping you enjoy your yard, but also gives back to the community. They are proud supporters of the 2014 K5K.

I recently spoke to Hugh Jones, the energetic owner of Mosquito Squad of the Triad, about his relationship with K5K and BackPack Beginnings.

CM: How did you get involved with sponsoring the K5K and BackPack Beginnings?

HJ: My daughter, Maggie, ran the K5K several years ago. I love supporting BPB because it is an awesome local cause for the kids of Guilford County.

CM: Have you participated in the K5K in prior years?

HJ: Yes, I have ran in it for the past two years.

CM: Do you plan to participate in the K5K this year?

HJ: Of course!

CM: Do you have any goals or do you just want to finish it?

HJ: I just want to finish it! Actually, I do have a goal but it is too bad to publish!

One thing is for certain – Hugh’s goal to protect your family and backyard from mosquitoes is spot on. Call him and Mosquito Squad today.

AuthorNathan Daughtrey